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The Great Race! Tours across the UK May – July 2020

The Great Race ! A Thousand Cranes latest show perfect for the Olympic year

The Great Race!, written and directed by Vicky Ireland. Design by Mila Saunders. Music and Animation by Julian Butler. Performed by Haruka Kuroda (from CBBC’s Officially Amazing) and Windson Liong.

For children aged 4-7, their family and friends. Click on the venue links below for tickets and more information.

2 May

3 May 

8-9 May

10 May

16 May

17 May

23-24 May

25 May

26 May

27 May

29-30 May

6 June

7 June

11 June

13-14 June

20 June

21 June

27 June

11 July

The Jade Emperor is looking for twelve heroic animals to care for the planet. How will he choose them? By challenging them to a Great Race!

Meet a group of determined animals as they limber up for the race of their lives. Because this is no ordinary contest. The animals must cross a mighty river, scale a towering mountain and outwit their cunning competitors. How will overcome these obstacles? With a bit of courage and a lot of imagination.  

In the year of the Tokyo Olympics, The Great Race! is the perfect way to introduce children to the legend of the Eastern Zodiac. They’ll learn the origins of the story, and they’ll find out how to work out their zodiac sign.

The Great Race! is brought to you by A Thousand Cranes, who create visual, vibrant theatre that draws on the stories and theatre traditions of Japan and East Asia. Get ready for some adorable puppets, clever animated effects and specially-composed music.